Vampire Menus

Hanging out with AfC today, and I mentioned that I observed that the bottles used to take blood for blood cultures, when full, look like they belong in a vampire’s mini-bar.

This segued rapidly to “What is your favorite vampire novel?”  More-or-less in order my preferences are:

  1. Barbara Hambly‘s James Asher novels: Set in the early 1900s, vampire Simon Ysidro seeks the assistance of James Asher, former spy for the British government, to find the person killing the vampires of London.
  2. Tanya Huff‘s Victory Nelson novels: ex-detective Vicki Nelson teams up with vampire Henry Fitzroy, historical romance writer, and bastard son of Henry VIII
  3. Kim Harrison‘s Rachael Morgan series: private detective Rachael Morgan is a witch, and her business partner Ivy Tamwood is a vampire.
  4. The Hominds of the Ringworld were clever, and included vampires, but the books aren’t actually about vampires.

I am not so keen on True Blood or Twilight.

Of course, when you are having chemo for CLL, you tend to be very pale, and the drugs they give you mean that you should vigorously avoid sunburn.  If fact, you could play an extra in a vampire movie without any make-up.  Which led my wife to conclude that the authors are all wrong: actually, vampires are just normal people having chemo for leukemia.