B4 minus 4 days, and counting

I saw the oncologist today. The bone marrow biopsy results are in, and they are good.  By next week I will have an appointment to see the bone marrow transplant team at St Vincents Hospital. Next week’s Bendamustine could be the last one, unless the transplant team want more.

Things get interesting once we start the transplant ball rolling. “Several” weeks of 5-days-a-week chemotherapy to “condition” my bone marrow, 6 weeks in hospital post transplant, 5 months recovery at home… and that’s the best scenario. I wont be out-of-pocket for the transplant, but commuting and accommodation are another thing.

There is a flip side: the transplant team may decide that I’m not a viable transplant candidate, and the recurring abscess will be a factor in that decision.  (Oh, and I’m off IV Ertapenem, and back on orals, which makes me feel just that little bit liberated.)