java-gnome 4.0.12 released!

This blog post is an extract of the release note from the NEWS file which you can read online … or in the sources, of course!

java-gnome 4.0.12 (24 Jul 2009)

Being Uniquely Notified while Spelling the Sources you are Viewing is good for the soul.

In addition to ongoing improvement in our coverage of the GTK widget toolkit, the next release of java-gnome begins to realize our vision to offer coverage of the broad suite of libraries making up the GNOME desktop.

New Coverage

The TextView text editing Widget has received two significant capability boosts. With the work of Stefan Schweizer, we now have coverage of the powerful GtkSourceView library with its impressive built-in multi [programming] language source highlighting features.

And with the contribution of GtkSpell coverage by Serkan Kaba, we can now offer spell checking in TextViews as well.

Two other GNOME libraries feature in this release. Serkan also contributed excellent coverage of LibNotify, enabling an application to create and send popups to be displayed by the desktop notification mechanism.

And, we expose LibUnique, which offers DBus-powered machinery enabling a developer to ensure only one instance of their application is running.

Continuing improvement

Lots of minor changes and enhancements throughout the core GTK libraries. Highlights include improved mouse button handling, filtering when choosing files, and further refinement to Pixbuf. Thanks to Peter Mossveld, Kenneth Prugh, Vreixo Formoso, Serkan Kaba.

Finally, thanks to Guillaume Mazoyer we now have coverage of EntryCompletion, the feature of Entry Widgets whereby available possible completions are offered to the based on characters the user has typed so far.

Looking ahead

There are a number of people working on various branches — some small feature extensions, and some major coverage additions that add signifant capabilies – but which haven’t quite made it to the point where they can be merged into java-gnome. We’ll see how these pieces of work fare in the coming months, but nevertheless the Java bindings for GNOME have reached a significant level of maturity and we are pleased to see people starting to use them for serious application work.

This release is already packaged for Gentoo and Ubuntu, which is sweet.

You can download java-gnome’s sources from ftp.gnome.org_, or easily checkout a branch from_ ‘mainline:

$ bzr checkout bzr:// java-gnome

though if you’re going to do that you’re best off following the instructions in the HACKING guidelines.