Complaining about GNOME is a new national sport

Bloody hell. GNOME hackers, can someone sit Linus down and get him sorted so he stops whinging?

I mean, we all know GNOME 3 and its Shell have some rough edges. Given that computers users since the stone-age have been adverse to change, it’s not surprising that people complained about GNOME 3.x being different than GNOME 2.x (actually, more to the point, being different than Windows 95. How dare they?). Even though we believe in what we’re doing, we’re up against it for having shipped a desktop that imposes workflow and user experience changes on the aforementioned change-adverse hypothetical user.

BC comic strip

Surely, however, the negative PR impact of Linus constantly complaining about how he’s having such a hard time using GNOME exceeds what it might cost to the GNOME Foundation of getting somebody over to the Linux Foundation to help him out? Oh well, too late now.

Meanwhile, I certainly do agree that is completely useless if the first thing you see on 3.4 release day is “your web browser version isn’t new enough”. It’s not just Fedora; running Epiphany 3.4 here on a current Ubuntu system, same problem. On the other hand, if you add ppa:gnome3-team/gnome3 and ppa:webupd8team/gnome3 to a system running the current Ubuntu release you can completely ditch Unity. You get an up-to-date GNOME 3.4 that works great, and thanks to webupd8 packaging extensions, you get a fair degree of customization over the experience.

Yeah, there is still lots of room for improvement, and of course there are design decisions that make you scratch your head, but come on, it’s not all bad.