Do you have what it takes to be a volunteer at a conference?

Speaking of tireless volunteers:

The amazing thing about Open Source is that there are so many ways to be involved. Unlike any other area of human endeavour, you are not limited by race, gender, or the requirements of joining a profession. The only barrier to entry is that you participate.

Like most things, Open Source is about people. And a great way to meet other people is by getting involved at conferences. Technical conferences always need people to help out, and so it’s a great way to be able to spend time with the local community and with the speakers who have come from near and far. And just think of all the free T-Shirts you’ll collect. Geek nirvana, really.

Two really amazing conferences are coming up. If you’re anywhere in Asia, you should be making plans to get down to Bangalore for India’s greatest Linux & Free Software event, And whether you’re in Australia, New Zealand, or France you should be booking your flights to get to Melbourne for the eighth Both conferences are the wonderful experiences they are in no small part because of the energy and enthusiasm of the volunteers who help with everything from A/V to picking up speakers at the airport to helping get people registered to making sure a conference network is up and running [hackers get grumpy when they can’t get their email :)]. If you’ve got a little time, if you’re looking for a way to get involved, then consider signing up as a volunteer to help out.

The Call for Volunteers for is out, and time is running out to sign up, so act fast!

To make a difference you have to get involved

I promised Atul that I wouldn’t subvert his volunteers this year. Last time around, the person who was supposed to to be monitoring the time and telling me to wind up was so enthralled by what I was saying (and now he’s a major contributor to the project that I was talking about; go figure) that they completely forgot to tell me to sit down. See? Me going overtime isn’t always my fault. Honest!