The conference formerly known as…

Linux Bangalore, India’s foremost, coolest, (not to mention hugest) Linux and Open Source conference decided last year that they weren’t going to call themselves that name anymore. So for the last 8 months it’s been:


LB was about more than just Linux in the same way that and others are; they wanted to come up with a name that was more broadly inclusive, and also conveyed the message that they represent more of India than just Bangalore (as certainly their awesome conference pulls in Open Source people from across the region and around the world), and may lead towards the conference someday moving around the country like LCA moves around Australia (and then some!)

Well, as of today, I can pass on the word that they’ve finally announced their new name! Believe it or not they were considering (and, ever conscious of not wanting to step on toes, they even went to the trouble of contacting Linux Australia about the idea; we told them we thought it would be awesome if they did). But pursuing the wider inclusiveness theme, they came up with an even better name: Even with our positive assurances, they did want to differentiate from the LCA branding, so now…

Linux Bangalore Presents


That’s right,! Their name is their URL: the Indian Free and Open Source Software conference! I don’t know about you but I think that’s pretty rad as domains go.

This year the conference is running 29 Nov 05 through 2 Dec 05. There’s not much on their public site yet, but their CFP will be out in the next couple weeks, and they’ll be starting regular news updates soon.

But the real reason I’m posting is to encourage people to go. Sometimes people read announcements like this and think “oh, well I’m not a speaker type, so that’s not for me.” Forget that; you just need to be there! Linux enthusiasts, business people, open source developers, kernel hackers, and yes, even free software nuts — I recommend to one and all that you make your way to Bangalore for what promises to be an unsurpassed event — and in a venue that will blow your mind.